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For proper operation of the MiniVol™, TAS several consumables and accessories are needed or recommended. All of the following are available through Airmetrics.
Impactor Grease
The EMT (Easy Maintenance Impactor) should be cleaned and re-greased after every fifth run or more often if heavy soiling is observed. Airmetrics offers a 60gm tube of Glisseal Ht impactor grease.

Tedlar Bags
Original MiniVol™ samplers with gas ability feature six liter Tedlar bags in their collection canisters. Manufactured at Airmetrics, the bags can become damaged during repeated sampling use and may need replacement.

For particulate sampling, the MiniVol™ uses 47mm filters to collect particulate matter. Filters should be weighed pre- and post-exposure with a microbalance accurate to one microgram. Airmetrics offers the following types of filters:

Fiber Film Filter – Teflon-coated glass, ideal for gravimetric analysis
Pure Quartz Filter – Recommended if chemical analysis for carbon based compounds will follow gravimetric analysis
Pure Teflon Filter – Recommended if chemical analysis for non-carbon based compounds will follow gravimetric analysis
To complement use of the MiniVol™ samplers, Airmetrics also offers filter weighing services.

Petrislides, plastic cassettes for shipping and storage of filters, are offered by Airmetrics in conjunction with the above filters.

Telescoping Hoisting Pole for Lifting Samplers
This pole allows the user to lift the sampler from the ground to its sampling site, up to 10 feet above ground. Siting the sampler can thus occur without using a ladder.

Tripod Assembly for Remote Locations
The tripod assembly allows the user to site the sampler in remote areas or on roof tops where no other mounting equipment exists.



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