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Low Frequency

Kategori Electromagnetic Field Measurement
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Low Frequency

Low Frequency (EFA 300)

Electric and magnetic field analysers for low frequency fields, selective and broadband measurements.

Isotropic measurement of magnetic fields with integral test probe or external standard 100 cm2 probe (accessory) plus electrical cube.
Evaluation of field exposure in comparison to major standards and guidelines, i. e. ICNIRP 2010 (selectable)
Innovative STD (Shaped Time Domain) measurement method for field measurement regardless of signal shape, with selectable limit value trace
Peak value measurement with proper phase
Large capacity data storage
Time-controlled measurements possible without needing an external PC
Fixed filters, variable filter with 0.1 Hz step width, notch filter
Optical RS232 interface
Remote control

Spectral analysis (FFT Fast Fourier Transformation) and harmonic analysis
Various external magnetic field probes
EFA-TS software for remote control.

Low Frequency (ELT-400)

ELT-400 – Standards-compliant measurements
Test instrument for assessing safety in magnetic fields and for acceptance measurements conforming to CE standard IEC/EN 62233 (former EN 50366), Generic Standard IEC 62311 as well as ICNIRP 1998 and ICNIRP 2010.

The ELT-400 is best for measuring of magnetic fields in occupational and public environments and in EMC laboratories, it is especially designed for use by health and safety professionals in industry and insurance. It performs precise B-field measurements in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 400 kHz and uses a standards-compliant 100 cm2 probe for measurements.

Direct evaluation of field exposure in comparison with major standards
Acceptance measurements to CE standard IEC/EN 62233 and Generic Standard IEC 62311
Real-time measurement with RMS and peak detector
Automatic evaluation even with different signal shapes
Optional 3 cm2 probe for standard-compliant determination of coupling factors
Ultra wide frequency range (1 Hz to 400 kHz)
Wide measurement range (up to 80 mT, dependent on type)

The ELT-400 can also be used as an active probe, thanks to its three channel analog output (3 separate, analog signals for the 3 spatial axes x, y, and z). For this purpose, the ELT-400 can be connected to an external oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer using an optional connecting cable (3 BNC connectors).

Using the optional 3 cm2 probe, it is possible to determine the coupling factor individually as described in Annex C of IEC/EN 62233. Coupling factors determined in this way lead to the real value of the magnetic field exposure level.

Low Frequency (THM1176)

The Three-axis Hall Magnetometer is used to measure the magnetic field (flux density). Its unique, extraordinarily compact design allows it to be used as a portable instrument or directly connected to a PC.

The probe is designed for measuring magnetic fields with frequencies from DC to 1 kHz. Measurements on medical equipment (magnetic resonance imaging, MRI), metal production equipment and railway systems are typical application. To avoid injuries to patients or personnel with implants, hospitals usually mark the danger zone around an MRI scanner, where the field exceeds 0.5 mT (5 Gauss).

Non-directional measurement using an isotropic 3-axis HALL probe
High Field probe (20 Tesla) and Low Field probe (8 mT) versions
Small sized field sensitive point for accurate measurements in high gradient fields
Frequency range from DC to 1 kHz
Easy operation by PDA touch screen or MS-Windows based PC software (all included with the PDA version)
USB probe interface, bus–powered
PC control software included for Windows and Mac.

Low Frequency (EHP-50D)

EHP-50D – Electric and Magnetic Isotropic Field Analyzer
Field analyzer for low frequency fields, selective and broadband measurements simultaneously of all three axis.

Isotropic measurement with internal electric and magnetic sensors.
Electric and magnetic low frequency field analysis up to 100 kHz
Isotropic measurements with a total dynamic range of 150 dB
Small size and optical fiber connection for spot measurements
Built-in FFT spectrum analysis
Wideband mode
Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery with great autonomy
Optical Fiber Interface to PC or NBM-550
Stand-alone continuous acquisition with internal data logger for 24 hours

New: External display and data logger unit NBM-550

EHP-50D EHP-200 control PC software EHP-TS (included)
It includes spectrum analysis application as well as instrument setting and measured data downloading application for stand-alone operating mode.

Low Frequency (EHP-200A)

Frequency selecive measuring system for electric and magnetic fields. As well as for workplace safety applications in industry, the EHP-200A is also ideal for determining the near and far fields of broadcasting transmitters.

Auxiliary connection for spectrum analysis of external signals
Separate display of field strength for three axes and the overall value
Integrated preamplifier
Optical cable connection to PC (USB)

Dynamic range > 80dB
Measurement range, E field > 0.02 to 1000 V/m
Measurement range, H field > 0.6 mA/m to 300 A/m
Isotripic accuracy +/- 0.8 dB and 1MHz
Temperature range -10°C to 40°C
Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 110 x 98 x 85 mm


Area Monitoring

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High Frequency

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Personal Protection

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