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cGas Detector Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Transmitter

CETCII Critical Instrument

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Hotline 1 : 0812-8927-0182
Hotline 2 : 081284326432 (Marketing Team)
Whatsapp : 0812-9407-7633

Description The cGas Detector Carbon Dioxide Transmitter is a low maintenance gas monitoring device designed for use in non-explosion rated, commercial applications that require continuous monitoring of CO2. It offers one 4-20 mA analog output or a user selectable in the field digital output with your choice of BACnet® or Modbus® for communicating with a Building Automation System or ventilation controller. Ideal for use for applications where compressed CO2 is used and stored, climate control in commercial buildings and other processes requiring the continuous monitoring of CO2. Powered by 24 VDC or ground referenced AC, the CO2 cGas Detector has an LCD display, temperature compensation, thermal resetting fuse and the firmware and configuration can be upgraded in the field using the USB connection. Pre-calibrated sensors with true Plug & Play Smart Sensor technology makes replacing sensors quick and easy. The cGas CO2 Detector comes in a standard water / dust tight, corrosion resistant ABS/ polycarbonate enclosure with a hinged, secured door. With the optional, factory installed splash guard the enclosure is IP54 rated and provides protection in water spray or wash down applications.

Key Features

  • One 4-20 mA analog output or user in the field configurable BACnet® MS/TP RS-485 or Modbus® RTU RS-485 digital output signal to a BAS

  • Easy Plug & Play Smart Sensor replacement at end of life, comes pre-calibrated

  • Bright LCD display

  • USB port for configuration changes and firmware upgrades

  • Standard water / dust tight, corrosion resistant enclosure (drip proof); IP54 rated with optional splash guard (Option -S)

  • installed 24 VDC or VAC power (ground reference)

  • RoHS compliant circuit boards



Target Gas

Infrared Sensor : Carbon dioxide (CO2)


Enclosure : Black ABS / Polycarbonate, corrosion resistant 

                   Copper coated interior to reduce RF interference 

                   IP54 rated with splash guard installed (Option -S)

Weight : 400 g / 14 oz

Size : 127 x 127 x 76 mm / 5.0 x 5.0 x 3.0 inches

 User Interface

Display : 2-line by 16 character graphic LCD

Push Buttons : Initiate calibration and menu options with internal UP, DOWN and ENTER push buttons

USB Port : Internal port for USB memory stick for field configuration updated / firmware upgrades


Analog Output (CGAS-A models) : One linear 4 - 20 mA analog

Digital Output (CGAS-D models) : User configurable in the field, BACnet® MS/TP (version 1 rev 14) RS-485 or Modbus® RTU                                                              (version 1.1b3) RS-485 (user configurable in the field)


Power Requirement : 16-30 VDC, 3 W, Class 2 

                                   12-27 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3 VA, Class 2

Analog Wiring (CGAS-A models) : VDC (or ground referenced AC): 3-conductor 18 AWG (or larger) shielded, stranded within                                                                  conduit
                                                       VAC 4-conductor shielded 18 AWG stranded within conduit

Digital Wiring (CGAS-D models) : VDC or VAC (ground referenced) 4-conductor shielded 16 AWG stranded within conduit,                                                                     network wiring (daisy-chain)

Fuse(s) : Automatic resetting thermal


Operating Temperature : 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)

Operating Humidity : 15 - 90% RH non-condensing


Conforms to : CSA-C22.2 No. 205-12, UL508 (Edition 18):2018 

                       EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, EN 50270:2015, Type 1, EN61010 

                        FCC. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1)                              This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received,                                         including interference that may cause undesired operation. 

                         Listed by BTL 

                         RoHS compliant circuit boards