Magnetic Wand

CETCII Critical Instrument

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The Magnetic Wand is used for accessing menu options and programming functions of several CETCI gas detection devices without having to open the enclosure. It can also be used to initiate calibration. The wand activates the magnetic switch inside the enclosure, triggering it to carry out an action. Prompts can be followed on the display. Non-intrusive calibration is particularly useful when in a wet or dirty environment. The LPT-A, SCC and DCC have magnetic switches on the front of the device and the LPT-P, LPT-B and LPT-M have magnetic switches on the side of the device. For exact locations, refer to the Operation Manual of the specific device.

Key Features

  • Saves time
  • Opening the enclosure is not required
  • Prompts appear on the display
  • Useful in wet or dirty environments




226.7 g (½ lb) solid steel


66.6 x 6.35 mm / 2 5/8 x 1/4 inch Hexagon


Operating Temperature

-20°C to 40°C (-4°F to 104°F)

Operating Humidity

15 - 90% RH non-condensing