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All In One Flue Gas Combustion Analyzer for HVAC Residential & Commercial Boiler & Furnace Installation & Maintenance


APP for Android Smart Phones & Tablets
AUTOMATIC Direct Outdoor Air Temperature Measurement for ALL HIGH-EFFICIENCY & CONDENSING Boilers, Water Heaters, Furnaces, etc.
Combustion Analyzer for O2, CO, CO2 (Calculates Combustion Efficiency, Excess Air, Losses, CO Air Free)
Ambient Room Air Carbon Monoxide (CO) Leak Detector
Draft Meter (Negative & Positive Draft)
Built–In Differential Digital Pressure Manometer
Built–in Differential Thermometer
Built–In Printer (NON–Fading)
Full COLOR GRAPHIC Display Screen with ZOOM Function & Backlight
Automatic Data Saving
2000 Internal Test Memory Spots
High Range CO Sensor (0–8000 ppm) with Integrated NOx Filter
PC Software Package with USB & Bluetooth Communications Included
High Range CO Sensor for Over–Range Protection
Quick & Easy Intuitive Menu with One–Page Quick reference Guide
Flue & Ambient Temperature
Outdoor Air Temp Measurement (High Efficiency & Condensing Boilers)
Unbreakable Metal Connections
“Plug–n–Play” Pre–Calibrated Field Replaceable Sensors
External Water Trap for Easy Condensate Removal
Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack with AC Charger
Unbreakable Metal Hose Connectors
32 Programmed Fuels & Oils (Including Bio–Fuel)
Zoom Feature
User Customized Display Screen & Print–Out Content
ONE Button Operation
Customizable Printouts
12″ Probe Included with 10′ Dual Hose for Gas & Draft Measurements
Lightweight Vinyl Carrying Case (Hard ABS Case available)
Protective Magnetic Rubber Boot
Economical, Ergonomic, Compact, and Rugged
Perfect for ANY Natural Gas, Propane, Oil, Wood, Coal, Bio–Fuel, and many more Applications