AA-3500 Airborne Particulate Monitor

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AA-3500 Air-Aide Real-time Airborne Particle Monitor for Indoor Air Quality, industrial hygiene and environmental applications. Monitors particle concentration ranges down to .001mg/m3 to 20mg/m3. System comes complete with Monitor, NiMH Battery, Universal Battery Charger Computer Cable, Impactor Sleeve for TSP, Flow Audit Meter an Adapter, DustComm Pro Software, and Instruction Manual.

Features :

  • Direct Reading with high resolution
  • Size selective inlets
  • On-screen programing
  • CE, ETL approved
  • Optional wireless data transmission to computer

Specifications :

Weatherproof Enclosure

Sensing range: .001-20.0 and/or .01-200.0 mg/m³

PM size range: .1-100 µm

Sampling flow rate: 2.0 LPM

Alarm output: 90 db at 3 ft

Analog output: 0-2 Vdc

Digital output: RS-232–

Record Time: 1 s. to 15 mon.

Display: Real-Time mg/m3

Operating temp: -10°C -50°C

Battery: Rechargeable 24hr

Weight: 12 lbs

Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 10 in.